Jon Sparkes

(Club secretary and weightlifting coach)

Growing up, Jon always aspired to be bigger and stronger, and always had a keen eye for technical disciplines. Studying Sport and Exercise Science at University, Jon used the fundamentals and principles of training in the gym but didn’t believe his strength was being put to good use or had anything functional to aim for. Finding Olympic Weightlifting satisfied all his training goals.

The first 18 months of Jon’s Olympic Lifting journey began in Scotland where he found the barbell and was inspired by London 2012 Games. He was self taught, until his occupation as an established business manager of 8 years brought him to Sheffield where he found Hallam Barbell. Here, his progress improved ten fold, became a level one weightlifting coach in 2015, and has competed at a Regional level on numerous occasions collecting a few medals along the way.

Jon is pursuing a national level total, and aspires to be a true example that no matter your age, your full-time working and family commitments, that you can always achieve your goals and become successful.