Jenny Tong

(Weightlifting Coach and Student Coach)

Jenny is currently doing a degree in International Relations and Politics at The University of Sheffield after training as a Community Arts Practitioner and performer at the prestigious BRIT School. Originally brought up in Spain, Jenny has always had a lot of potential as a strength and power athlete, beginning her sporting career in Judo, BMX and athletics.

Now a national standard Olympic weightlifter and coach at Hallam Barbell, Jenny started lifting as member of our beginners course and is currently the British (-53) Junior silver medalist, also holding the title of Sheffields Strongest Student. Jenny is the Olympic Weightlifting Officer for Sheffield Strength Sports Society at Sheffield University, where she coaches and runs beginner courses for people of all abilities. Through her passion for female empowerment and desire to make strength training inclusive, she has played a key role in expanding and diversifying the society by setting up Women’s Weightlifting sessions.