Mindfully Strong

The MindfullySTRONG programme is a pretty unique feature. In fact we believe it’s a world first! Hallam Barbell in partnership with Sheffields ‘Centre for Mindful Based Life Enhancement’ run this integrated mindful and strength programme. We believe that being healthy includes both body and mind. We also recognise that the standard fitness and strength programmes aren’t for everyone. MindfullySTRONG is different and is for people who want to learn about training and become physically and mentally stronger and healthier.

Each session starts with a mindful movement warm up (think tai-chi / yoga) which helps chill you out and prepare for stress free exercise. We then run through some strength circuits which are carried out and coached mindfully. This is basically the opposite of ‘high intensity training’ but still really effective.  We finish each session with some mindfulness practice and a gentle cool down and stretch.