Hallam Barbells new programme: MindfullySTRONG

How would it feel to be MindfullySTRONGER? In our new programme you can find out.

MindfullySTRONG is an integrated mindfulness and strength training programme. Its designed to help people become fitter, healthier, happier and stronger. The MindfullySTRONG programme is run over short course blocks of 10 weeks with a session a week.

Each session is made up of 3 parts; Finding Focus, Feeling Physical and Finishing Flourish.

Finding Focus includes a Mindful movement warm up and some activities to help review and reflect on the previous week.We also introduce a theme for the session too.

Feeling Physical is a strength circuit designed to challenge your body and movement to help you get stronger. It also includes a mindful station and is set to classical music. Many circuit training type programmes are mindless, with MindfullySTRONG we exercise mindfully making sure we focus on what we’re doing and do it well.

The Finishing Flourish is a final meditation and also includes some positive affirmations for the comping weeks.

MindfullySTRONG is something different that can make a difference. Why doing you check it out?

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