About us

A community – of lifters, of people, for change.  Community drives Hallam Barbell to do things differently, and to challenge for positive change.  We train and compete, we coach and learn, and we strive to make a difference on a daily basis.  And we have fun, lots of fun.

Hallam Barbell was founded in a great sporting city, Sheffield. Operating out of our facility at Sheffield Hallam University, we’re proud to be a part of this thriving sporting community.

We believe that through lifting, we can build healthier, happier and stronger communities.

This is why we started Hallam Barbell in 2009.  We wanted to capitalise upon best-in-class coaching to drive social change. But more than that, we wanted to develop and deliver innovative programmes which have the power to connect people and communities.

Our vision: Lifting communities to a new level – healthier, happier and stronger 

Our mission: We design, develop and deliver innovative weight lifting programmes which connect people and communities

Our values influence our day-to-day activities, dictate the decisions we make, and inform how we shape Hallam Barbell for the future.

  • Community – we train together, we inspire and support each other. Everyone is welcome at Hallam Barbell, we appreciate our similarities and respect our differences.
  • Commitment – we take responsibility for our individual and community goals. We challenge ourselves to progress on a daily basis.
  • Coaching – we inspire, we nurture and empower each other. We lead the way in developing and delivering high quality weight lifting programmes.
  • Impactful – we work together to achieve positive change. We’re enthusiastic and inspirational, celebrating achievements as a team.

Giving back: Hallam Barbell is a socially responsible club. We are positively people focused and exist to help people. The club offers scholarships and bursaries to support people in need or with untapped potential. If you know someone who would benefit from being involved or you want to get involved or know more please fill out our enquiry form.