About us

At Hallam Barbell we believe that physical and mental health is a priority and is key in having a happy, healthy and balanced life. We value physical and mental strength and our training programmes are designed to help people in these areas in a fun, exciting and engaging way.


To run a programme that is recognised locally, regionally, nationally and internationally as a great developer of people through strength training.

To dramatically improve people’s quality of life, health and physical fitness through strength training, to develop great lifters and coaches in a great facility through a programme backed by science.


To run programme that is fun, effective and brings people to strength training and Olympic Weightlifting for personal and physical benefit.

To run a club programme that develops everyday people, elite lifters and coaches.

To operate as a great club that provides more than just training to its members.


To be the best we can be we need to understand who we are and how to apply ourselves, work together, challenge each other and get the best from each other.

– Supportive

– Progressive

– Driven

– Empowering

Social responsibility / Giving back: Hallam Barbell is a socially responsible club. We are positively people focused and exist to help people. The club offers scholarships and bursaries to support people in need or with untapped potential. If you know someone who would benefit from being involved or you want to get involved or know more please fill out our enquiry form.